AVADA SEO Suite's Image Optimizer helps slim down images for faster load times, improved SEO, and a smoother user experience.

Who can use this feature?

  • This feature is available for all users

  • Free plan users can optimize up to 50 images per month. Pro and Enterprise plan users can optimize unlimited images.

What is Image Optimizer?

Optimizing images helps your site load quickly, pleasing both Google Search and your visitors. Some best practices are: compress images, use descriptive file names, and remember to set alt tags for a solid SEO boost, use image sitemap.

How does Image Optimizer help?

Avada SEO Suite Image optimizer help you:

  • Compress image for a smaller size with the same quality

  • Convert to supported image formats

  • Make sure every image have image alt

  • Optimize image filename

How does it work?

  1. Go to 'Speed up" -> "Image optimization'

  2. Click Update setting to set up your image optimization settings

    1. Turn on what you want to optimize: image size, image alt and filename

    2. Optimize images: Select image quality mode and images to optimize

    3. Optimize alt: Set up content for your alt using variables.

    4. Click Save to save all your settings

  3. With all your settings, click Optimize to start optimizing your images.

    Optimizing images may affect your store

    • If you're using a page builder app or a third-party app to build your website, images may disappear. They may not recognize new filenames and break image links.

    • You need to update the image links in your page builder or a third-party app after optimizing the file names.

    If there're lots of pictures in your website, you might need to wait for a while.

    No need to stay in app & wait. You will receive an email from us when this process is finished by setting up email notification.

  4. When the optimization process is done, you can check your images on store front. If you see any change or problem, contact our support team or you can click Convert to get back your original version.

  5. You can check summary in View summary to take an overall look on the image optimization.

  6. You can optimize images in all Product pages or Collection pages. In Summary, click Optimize now in pages you want to optimize. We support image optimization in Product, Collection, Blogs and other pages.

  7. To take action on each image, click View details to go to Image optimization manager.

View history

In history, you can check on each time of image optimization.

  • Summary: Show how many images are optimized or not

  • History: Each campaign is once you optimize images. Its details include time, compressed images, how many images have alt text and filenames optimized.

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