Meta tags rule

Meta tags rule helps set up meta tags faster and more dynamic across your website

Who can use this feature?

  • This feature is available for Pro and Enterprise plan users.

Meta tags rule helps set up content to each product, collection page and blog based on your rules.

You can set up different content for each products.

  1. Go to "Search appearance"

  2. Click "Switch to Meta tag rule". By clicking this, you turn off your set up on Meta tag basic.

  3. Click Add rule and select page you want to set up meta tags for: Product, Collection and Blog post.

  4. Give your rule a specific name.

    • For example: Flash sale summer '24.

  5. Set priority. The smaller number, the higher priority.

    If one product matches conditions at 2 rules, its meta tags will follow the rules with smaller priority number.

  6. Edit your title and description. Use variables for dynamic content.

  7. Set up conditions. Read condition best practices.

  8. Turn on the rule and click Save.

All other pages that don't match any rule will stay the same as your default content in Shopify.

Follow this interactive guide.

How to use interactive guide?


1. All/any

  • If all conditions are true: This mean your product or collection must match all conditions.

  • If any condition are true: This mean your product or collection only need to match at least one condition.

2. Basic condition

Contain/Not contain: Checks if a certain piece of text is included in the variables name.

Equal to/not equal to: Check if the variable matches exactly or is different from a specific value.

3. Product rule

  • Title: Product title.

  • Type: A custom category you create for a product. Check product type on Shopify.

  • Vendor: The source of the products you sell. Manage vendor info.

  • Tags: Product tags. We already list all available tags for your to select faster.

  • Collections: That the product belongs to. We already list all available collections for your to select faster.

4. Collection rule

  • Title: Collection title

  • Tags: Collection tags

5. Blog rule

  • Title: Blog title

  • Authors: Authors of blog

  • Tags: Blog tags

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