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General questions

Does SEO Suite slow down my website speed?

Avada SEO Suite does add some codes into your theme, but it will not affect your website speed at all.

For example: The following code you see added by Avada SEO Suite:

On theme.liquid there is a section of:

{% include 'avada-seo' %}

It is used to optimize your website structure and make it Google friendly. Our app does not add css, js into your theme so it cannot affect your website speed. Please check other apps that add css, js codes to your storefront, they likely affect your site speed.

Moreover, we make your site load faster by optimizing images and use instant page technology. You can test it by uninstalling SEO Suite and compare the speed after that. (Test speed by this tool: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/)

What should I do if I change theme?
  1. Go to Settings -> Apps settings

  2. Click Republish so that Avada SEO Suite stays updated to new changes.

Questions about pricing?

Technical questions

What should I do when feeds are disaproved after using image optimization?

There are some cases when the feeds are disapproved by Google Merchant, Google Shopping Campaign, and Google Display

So, what do you do in such a case?

Actually, this issue is caused by the changed format of images after optimization. However, SEO Suite app-only compresses your images, not resize or change image format. In fact, the images are uploaded with the original format.

The error you got with Google Merchant seems to be the general issue as many other sites experienced.

Please check these links to understand more about it and see how Google advises you to fix the issue.


How to enable speed up for my site?
  1. In app, go to Speed up in menu.

  2. Select mode: auto modes and custom mode you want to speed up. If you select custom mode, click Settings to customize your mode.

  3. Click Speed up to start speeding up your store.

Learn more about Speed up.

How to verify my store on Google Search Console?
How duplicated preloader may affect my site?

What is Preloader, Instant Page loader?

When people on your site browsing on the store, hovering links on desktop and mobile, people expect the next page they go to will load as fast as it can. So, make sure that the loading time of a page is fast may give an edge.

Amazon and others found that removing 100 milliseconds of latency improves sales by 1% The idea is that there is a significant delay between hovering over a link and clicking that link. Say it takes you 300ms of delay. That 300ms could have been spent preloading the next page. And if you do use that time preloading, that page loads that much faster.

The preloaders would load the page content before users want to visit, so when they actually do, the page is served from cache instantly which would improve user experience.

What if I have more than 1 page preloader?

The fact that you need preloaders for your site, but probably only need one. No need to preload the page for a couple of times in a row. Which will turn out to waste network resources. So if you have more than 1, you should be considering to choose one active only. If not, there would a race on preloading pages on your site in the background.

How long does SEO Suite optimize my images?

Usually it takes hours depending on how many images you have in your website. The maximum time is around 10 hours.

You can see estimated processing time in Image Optimization page.

You can set up email notification to get email when image optimization process is done.

How to check Alt Image?

You can check the Alt image in the Storefront, but some theme does not support the Alt tag to show in the Image.

  • Go to your website

  • Right click -> Click Inspect -> Elements

  • Find an image in the content, if you see an image with alt as you configured.

You can also check in Shopify admin.

  • Go to Products -> All Products

  • Right click -> Click Inspect -> Element

How to set up my social network information in Search results?
  • Go to "Search appearance" -> "Google structured data"

  • In the "Organization", click Turn on

  • Click Configure to set up your social network link

  • Click Save

Learn more about Rich result.

How to optimize images that are not from product page, collection page or blog post?

All images that are product pages, collection pages or blog posts are in the Asset file.

  1. In customized mode of speed up, click Settings

  2. Assets optimization -> Turn on assets optimization

  3. Click Speed up to start optimize images in asset files.


Please note, in some cases, when the app is removed from your Shopify store, our code might remain but will be disabled. This happens because we lose access to the theme files immediately when you uninstall our app.

Follow these steps to manually remove snippets or remaining code.

Step 1: Remove Block Avada-SEO

  • Go "Online store" -> "Themes"

  • In your current theme, click Edit code

  • Find theme.liquid file

  • Find code block with name Added by AVADA SEO Suite and remove it

  • If you've enabled Minification, find avada-seo-original and delete those code blocks

  • Check files below the Snippets directory of your theme and delete them

Step 2: Remove search.avada-seo.liquid

  • Go "Online store" -> "Themes"

  • In your current, click Edit code

  • Find search.avada-seo.liquid file and delete it.

Step 3: Remove the Asset

  • Go "Online store" -> "Themes"

  • Find "AVADA Assets - DO NOT REMOVE" and click Remove

Step 4 (Optional): Removing HTML Sitemap Pages

If you have activated our HTML sitemap, delete sitemap generated by Avada.

  • Go to Online store -> Pages

  • Find pages HTML Powered by AVADA

To ensure these pages are removed from our app, please double-check website URL and handle. They might include 'avada sitemap'.

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