Email notification

Set up email notifications to get emails for your SEO report

Who can use this features?

  • Email of "Optimize images" is for all users

  • Other email notification is for Pro and Enterprice plan users

Email notification is a tool help you to set up email and we'll send you important update.

This keep you in the loop automatically. Get timely updates on your SEO stats or when image optimization wraps up.

Email type we support:

Email typeWhen we sendFrequency

Complete image optimization

"Optimize images" process is completed

Revert optimized image

Revert all" process is completed

404 pages report

404 Pages are detected in store

Daily Weekly Monthly

Speed up weekly scan

When speed up score is 10 points down on weekly scan

Weekly (if score goes down)

SEO weekly report

SEO report which include:

  • All SEO issues on your website

  • Performance of Google Search result

  • Top 5 queries

  • Top 5 pages

  • Image optimization result


  1. Go to "Settings" -> Click Email notification

  2. Turn on type of email you want to receive & set up how often you want to receive (for 404 pages report only)

  3. In "Email subcriber list", enter emails to get email

  4. Click Save

  5. You can send a test email to see how does it work. Click Send test email

  6. Enter your email address and select type of email

  7. Click Send

By default, emails will be sent to your email address (which you use to log in Shopify)

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