Web performance

Understand web performance and how important it is in SEO within Avada SEO Suites

What is web performance?

Website performance (or speed score) measures the responsiveness of your website and how quickly it loads.

Web perfomance includes:

  • Loading speed: Measures how quickly the main content of a website appears. It is equivalent of Largest Contentful Paint.

  • Total blocking time: Measures how long it takes visitors to fully interact with the website

  • Visual stability: Measures how much the webpage content moves around while loading

  • Interactivity: Measures how fast the website responds to user's click

A score of 90 or above is considered good.

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How web performance is calculated?

Currenty, this performance score report is using the PageSpeed Insight API to measure your Home, Product and Collection pages. It varies on each page of your website and on user devices. Select page and devices to check web performance.

Shopify recently updates the Shopify Admin Performance report, which leverage real customer loading data. We will soon integrate this report.

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