Speed up

Boost your website's performance with Avada SEO Suite's speed up modes. Experience faster loading times and better user engagement.

Who can use this feature?

  • This feature is available for all users

  • Some speed up modes are only available for Pro and Enterprise users

What is speed up?

Speed up helps to improve web performance by applying all SEO best practices.

In Speed up, we help you measure your web performance and provide solutions to help improve it.

Speed up solutions are delivered by speed up modes. We have 4 automatic modes and 1 customized mode.

How speed up works?

Speed up mode helps to improve your web performance

  1. Go to "Speed up" -> "Site speed up"

  2. Select a suitable mode for your store. Compare automatic modes or select custom mode.

  3. Click Speed up now

    We'll create a copy of your store to speed up without risk on your first speed up. You can preview and check your speed-optimized store before going live.

    On your next speed up, you can apply changes directly to your site.

  4. While speeding up, tasks will be listed in the "Running tasks". It might take a while to finish all features.

    If there's a task which fails, click Refresh to restart.

  5. When it's done, you can preview your duplicate store to make sure no changes are made and click Publish.

    Contact us in live chat if you have any problems.

Speed up report

After speed up process is finished, speed up report is available.

What's included in report:

  • Overview report: Web performance score change (after - before optimized by Avada SEO Suite)

  • Detailed report: Score change (after - before optimized by Avada SEO Suite) on

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