Custom meta tags

Custom meta tags helps you set up meta tags for special cases

Who can use this feature?

  • This feature is available for Pro and Enterprise plan users.

Custom meta tags help you to set up meta tags of each page.

This will override all other rules for meta tags, if you're using Meta tag basic or Meta tag rule.

  1. In "SEO Audit", click Explore details in On-page SEO audit

  2. Select page you want to edit meta tags

  3. In "Meta tags" tab, turn on Custom meta data

  4. Edit your title and description

  5. Click Save to save settings.

AI generate

You can use our AI to generate your meta title and meta description.

  1. After turning on Custom meta data, click AI generate

  2. Provide AI your product information and click Generate so it can generate proper content.

  3. Select Keep to use the content generated by AI. Or Generate again.

How many times can I use AI meta tags generator?

AI generator credits vary on different plans.

  • Free: 100 credits

  • Pro: 1,00 credits

  • Enterprise: 10,000 credits

Custom meta tag will be auto-synced with Search engine listing in Shopify admin.

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