Tips writing your meta title

SEO best practice for writing your meta title tag

SEO best practice for writing your meta title tag

There is a long list of SEO best practices to apply when writing your title tags. Here are a few things to bear in mind:

Number of characters

It is recommended to keep your meta title between 10 to 70 characters, with an optimal range of 50-60 characters. Google generally displays only the first 50-60 characters, so exceeding this limit may result in your title being truncated in search results.

The exact number of characters displayed can vary based on factors like letter size and the device used.

Place your keyword

Including your main keyword in the title tag is crucial for SEO. This helps Google understand what your page is about and improves your chances of ranking for that keyword. Ideally, place your keyword near the beginning of the title to make it immediately clear to both users and search engines.

For example: "Cable USB Type-C to DP (DisplayPort) 8K@60Hz, 4K@240Hz, Dynamic HDR". Here, the keyword is "USB Type-C to DP".

Avoid Stop Words

Stop words are common words such as "a", "the", "is", and "are" that don't add much meaning. Avoid using too many stop words in your title tag to maximize the use of relevant keywords. However, ensure the phrasing remains natural and readable.


Separators like "-" or "|" help break up your title into distinct keywords and phrases, aiding Google in understanding the content.

For instance, "Cable USB Type-C to DisplayPort - 8K@60Hz, 4K@240Hz - MacOS".

Include company name, secondary keywords

You can set this up in our Meta title rules features to include your Brand, or secondary keywords to make your title more descriptive:

For example: "Cable USB Type-C to DisplayPort 8K@60Hz, 4K@240Hz | Bestsellers - Baseus"

More examples

Here are more meta title ideas for eCommerce:

  • "Shop [Product Category] Online | Best Deals & Discounts | [Your Brand]"

  • "Buy [Product Name] Online | Free Shipping & Returns | [Your Brand]"

  • "Upgrade Your [Product Category] | Exclusive Offers at [Your Brand]"

The idea may apply similar to the meta description. You can see other brands on Shopify by `site:domain` to see their title and description on Google to explore more:

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