Lazy loading

Lazy loading images on a website improves performance by loading images only as they scroll into view.

Who can use this feature?

  • This feature is available for Pro and Enterprise plan users.

What is lazy loading?

Lazy loading is a way to make your website faster. Instead of loading all the images at once, it loads them only when the user needs them. This helps users see your site faster and prevents them from leaving before it's fully loaded.

We won't use lazy loading for videos, images, or iframes at the top of the page. Eager loading will be applied, which makes the page load faster.

How does it help?

Lazy loading can bring these benefits to your site:

  • Reduce initial loading time

  • Improve score of crucial elements including FCP, LCP at Google PageSpeed and boost your site’s speed score

  • Increase customer shopping experience and minimize bounce rate due to slow speed load

How does it work?

  1. In "Speed up customization" -> Lazy loading

  2. Turn on the Lazy loading images and video & iframes

  3. Select pages to apply lazy loading. We support lazy loading for pictures in: Theme assets (file liquid in current theme), Product description, Collection description, Blog post content, Pages.

  4. Click Save

If you don't want to apply lazy loading to specific images, insert your file (.liquid file) in Ignore files.

This requires technical knowledge, contact us through live chat for support.

How to check if lazy loading works?

  1. Go to your website

  2. Right click and click Inspect

  3. Hit Ctrl + F to search

    • img_loading="lazy"

    • img_loading="eager"

    • lazy

    • loading

    • fetchpriority="high" If it shows up (image below), it's working well on your store. Continue check on other pages.

What if I change my theme content?

If you make any changes in your live theme that are relevant to image elements (HTML or Liquid source code, not image URLs ), click Update now so that Avada SEO Suite stay updated with changes.

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