Learn how our SEO audit analyzes your site's performance with clear, actionable insights to improve your search rankings

Who can use this feature?

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What is SEO Audit?

The SEO audit is a crucial step for your success in the world of SEO.

An SEO audit checks how well your website is doing.

It points out what's working well, what you need to make better, or fix to show up more in search results and get more visitors naturally.

How does SEO Audit help you?

After analyzing your website, we give out your website's SEO Score and SEO checklist.

An SEO Score from 0-49 is considered bad, from 50-79 is medium, and from 80 upwards is good.

Here are some standout features of the Avada SEO Checklist:

  • Task List: A comprehensive set of specific SEO-related tasks to optimize your website.

  • Task Prioritization: Ability to sort tasks by importance for efficient management.

  • Guidance Information: Detailed instructions with each task, explaining the steps and their purpose.

  • Regular Updates: Reflects the latest changes in search algorithms and SEO strategies.

  • Completion Check: Functionality to mark and track completed tasks.

  • Result Tracking: Integrated tools to check website performance post-optimization.

  • Diverse Optimization Support: Covers various SEO dimensions, including content, pages, images, and links.

How to get your website audit?

Step 1: Start scanning your website

Get access to SEO Audit by one of these ways:

  • In SEO Score in Dashboard, click View checklist

  • In Quick start guide, open Check SEO Audit and click Go to audit

  • Go to "SEO Audit" section -> Check SEO audit

Step 2: Follow your checklist

Your checklist has three kinds of tasks by importance:

  • Issues: Fix these first, as they might hurt how well your site does in search results.

  • Improvement: Work on these to make your site better and do well in search rankings.

  • Good results: These are what you're doing right. Keep an eye on them when you update your site.

For every issue, we provide you detailed information and a call-to-action button that helps you to fix it. Fix all your issues, then come to improvements one-by-one.

Can all the issues be fixed automatically?

No. We can fix automatically some issues but we need you check through each issue to make sure you've got the problem and how we solve it.

And some issues require actions that are unique for your store.

Step 3: Re-scan your website

After finishing improving your website with our checklist, re-scan your store to get a better SEO score.

Follow this interactive guide for more details.

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