Learn the importance of minification in SEO through our detailed guide, which helps reduce load times and improve user experience by streamlining your website's code

Who can use this feature?

  • This feature is available for Pro and Enterprise plan users.

What is minification?

As a process of code optimization, Minification removes unnecessary information from the source code such as white spaces, line breaks, comments, etc to help your pages load faster.

How does it help?

Minification can bring these benefits to your site:

  • Decrease the loading time of your website for better performance

  • Improve score of crucial elements of Google pagespeed: FCP, LCP and increase your site’s speed score

How does it work?

  1. In "Speed up customization" -> Minification

  2. Turn on the Minification

  3. Select file type you want to minify. We support CSS and Javascript

  4. Click Save

How to check if minification works?

  1. In Shopify adminm, go to "Online store" -> Themes

  2. In Assets -> Search min or minified. If it shows up (image below), it works on your store.

  3. You can check on our store front. Go to your website -> Right click -> Click Inspect

  4. Click Network -> Click JS or CSS

  5. Find file theme.aio.min.js (image below)

What if I change my theme content?

If you make any changes in your live theme that are relevant to image elements (HTML or Liquid source code, not image URLs ), click Update now so that Avada SEO Suite stay updated with changes.

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