FAQs builder

Make FAQs eligible for rich results on Google Search

In each page, you can add FAQs to answer customer's problems about product, order, pricing, etc.

We help make your FAQs eligible for rich results and visible on Google Search.

How to add FAQs to page?

  1. In app, go to SEO audit

  2. In FAQs buider, click Turn on

  3. If you want to show FAQs as a section in your page, click Show FAQs. Then you need to add FAQs block to your theme.

  4. Add your questions and answers. You can add maximum 10 questions for each page.

    Or you can use AI to generate your FAQs. You have 100 credits, which means 100 times to generate FAQs for your store. Click AI generate -> Select number of FAQs (from 1 to 5) -> Select language -> Click Generate -> You can check and edit FAQs written by AI -> Click Add to add FAQs.

  5. Click Save

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